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Hello Dear Friends,

My Name is Mellonie Irwin Taylor. I would personally like to welcome you to The Realms of Love & Light Website.

Briefly for those of you who are new to the site, I'd like to tell you about myself and the purpose and goals of the site and myself.

As for myself there really isn't that much to tell, except that I am a channel of the loving entities that surround and guide us all through our lives here on this planet.  I am considered by many as a spiritual advisor and by Spirit, I am told I am here to teach.  But most of all I am here as a friend and a provider of what I hope is a loving, caring place to visit, to grow and to share any experiences that enter into our lives while on our path of growth and enlightenment.

This site was originally created as a place to share my channelings with others.  During my early awakening period which started in December of 1998, I realized within just a month are so that I had a purpose, a job, a contract so to speak and then at the age of 43, my life made a drastic change in its path, from going no where, to finding myself and my purpose for being here in this truly wonderful age of Aquarius.

My growth was very rapid, Ive been told by others that it was unusual how fast I went from knowing nothing of spirituality to being a guide and a channel, to be exact, one month.

It started with reading the Urantia Book, which lead to a friend telling me about
The Kryon (as channeled by Lee Carroll) Books. The early Kryon books were the trigger that pulled on my memories and knowledge that before was buried deep within my sub conscious. Knowledge, that before I did not know existed. I thank Spirit everyday for the knowledge and friends, I gained from those early days in communion with other Kryon readers.  Without them I know that it would have been much longer before I would be where I am now.

Within the first month I started channeling the entities that were my Spirit guides, Assended Master Micheal, Anthony and William, forgetting a Pleiadean Group Consciousness known by many as PRM.  Then the Kryon Group itself came through, now known as Omnibus.New Name for an Old Frien

After a short time it was suggested that I create my own website to post my channelings and services. And so The Realms of Love & Light and Spiritual Visions Metaphysical Shop were created. On March 12, 1999 The Realms was opened.  Within another month I added The Realms of Love & Light Messageboard which is now called The Healing Circle Messageboard. Now The Love & Light Sanctuary Message Board and The Realms of Love & Light MSN Community has been added for for those that wish to visit the site to gather and share their experiences and inspirations.

There is and will be something here for all. A place to relax, a place to share, a place to learn, a place to teach.

The site is constantly growing and evolving, so whether you are a new visitor or those that have been with me here from the beginning, know that my main purpose here is to give everyone, no matter who they are, what they believe or where they are heading on their spiritual path a loving place to grow. My message boards, chatrooms and email box are always open to you and my energys and light is always ready to share with you.

I am here to serve. It is my is my goal.

I love you all

Mellonie Irwin
Creator of The Realms of Love & Light
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