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Omnibus -Clearing Meditation Channel-5-7-2000

Maitreya & Omnibus - 5-5-2000

A Message of Love, Light, Faith & Trust -Omnibus-3/31/2000

A New Name For an Old Friend-Kryon/Omnibus-2-22-2000

A Random Message of Love-Kryon-11/11/99

Early Channeled Lessons - A simple guide to spirituality

The lessons above were the first channelngs, received from my spiritguides in early 1999. These turned out to be very helpful for me in first stages of my awakening. I hope they help some of you too, as you  begin on your path of enlightenment. As you will see I've come a long way with my webpage design too. Make sure you use back button to return from this page as I am unable to edit it at the moment.

Meditate On This!

Omnibus -Clearing Meditation Channel-5-7-2000

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