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Hi Gina,

I decided to do this on a webpage..rather than uploading it to you.  This way you can view it..and then save it to your harddrive as a document.  Let me know when you have it downloaded and I will take it off the website.  But you will be the only one with this dont worry it is totally private..and I will leave it up for 5 days or until I hear from you to take it down.  

I wanted to include the graphics for the why Im putting it here.  so you will be able to see the actual cards that were drawn etc.

Now..first..I am doing your reading...I will be using the celtic cross spread and I use the rider waite deck.  So the cards you will see below are the actual cards I am reading from.
Now..I will tell you..since this is an overall general type spread it will touch on more than just your question..other things that may be important to you will be spoken of..perhaps even things that are more important to you right now than just what you are asking.  
I will show you the card..and then tell you my interpretation.  You must keep in mind to relate these things to your well as to the question at hand.  If you need more clarification after the reading..then you email me directly at and I will be happy to reinterate on these things.

Ok..hehe here we go.
The first card I draw is the Ace of Wands this card represents you or your present situation.
This is telling me that right are in the beginning of something new as far as your work, job,business, career or education.  This depicts a new job or perhaps a new position like a promotion.  This is either an actual event that is happening right now..or perhaps a situation you are in..such as something you are trying to achieve.

The next card is something that helps or hinders you.  This is the 3 of wands.
This card does actually represent a promotion or being a manager, supervisior overseer or being in charge.  This is what is either helping you or hindering you right now as far as your situation.  Lik in other words..if you just got a new position and a promotion..this is your help or hinderance.  But lets  deserve more than what you are getting at work..and you have been overlooked..for a better position..then this could be a hinderance to you.

From the past..I am getting the Hermit .  This is showing either you or someone from your past..that was like the hermit.  Not nessasarily alone..but the loner type.  The hermit is kind of reclusive..he likes his space..he minds his own business and doesnt get involved.  Hes always the neutral bystander.    The Hermit..can also depict a situation from the past that you didnt get involved stayed out of trouble..or didnt get involved.  Could this fit Brian or is it you.

Right now. or something that is passing through is the Strength card
This tells me that you have a lot of inner strength..and right now you are using it to overcome the obstacles in your way..and taming the lions that are there.  It is also a reminder comes to remind you..that you have a lot of inner strenght and no matter what obstacles may be in your will overcome them.  You have always had this kind of inner strength..and you always will have just need to be reminded every now and then.

Now the next two cards are the near future..this could be next month, next week..but no longer than 3 months.
The first is the 7 of pentacles- The pentacles always represent money.
Picture yourself as the planeted the seed, you grew the its time to reap.  Your hard work is gonna pay off within the next three months..whether this is a raise or promotion..or a bonus..its more money coming your way..based on the seeds you have sown.
The next card is the Death card.  Now if you have had other readings..I hope you know that this is one of the best cards you can get.  The Death card never means physical death.  It means, change, rebirth and transition.  The changes you are going through over the next few months..will be for the better, the transition will be very bumpy road..and in the end..its like being reborn, a fresh start..a new beginning.  The only thing that dies here is the old..the past..things that are no longer useful to you.  

Now the next card in the spread represents how you see yourself.  Its the 8 of cups.
You see yourself..moving on...moving are leaving the past behind..and not looking back. (If you do look back stop it)  You are leaving the valley and heading to the are moving up.  Dont look back now..for it will only stop your forward progress..keep looking for the mountain.  The things you are leaving in the valley are no longer useful to you..its the past..its the things..that are passing with the death card.

The next card is how others see you or your environment its the 8 of wands
Whether you really are or not..others see as you just throwing the sticks up the air..letting the chips fall where they may..rolling with the flow.  They see you just doing your best..and not letting it get you down. Not stressing the details..just doing what you can..and going on.

The next card is your hope or fears...
You are hoping for a wake up call..something to tell you what is really going on,  You hope to see things more be see it like it really is..or at least to know what is the truth.  This is relate to Brian  for sure.

Now we get to the rest of the story hehe.  Its called the final outcome..but I add many cards here to clarify or to add guidance and advice to the rest.
The final outcome is the showing the 5 of pentacles .  This could be tomorrow, next week next month..but here it go on up till about 6 months.
 I dont see this a negative the money catagory.,.but sometimes this card does show some kind of injury..which I feel relating to your emotional.  Over the  little while, no longer than 6 may feel a little injured emotionally because you havent heard from Brian..But you are gonna be very busy at work..
You are getting the nine of wands.. Which shows you have paid your are about to get some recognition for your hard work.  This is you stepping out from the others..youve paid your dues and now its time for you to get recognition..whether its a raise, a promotion or just a pat on the back..your hard work is paying off..this also relates back to the 7 of pentacle.  
The next card is showing the 8 of pentacles..  Which also shows you working hard making more money. and the 3 of pentacles.. also shows you learning some new skills or abilities to help you make more money..whether this is on the job training or classes.  So I really feel that you are gonna be putting a lot of energy into your job or career over the next few months...perhaps this is more important for you to think about right now..than Brian.

Then you get The World.. which usually comes to tell you that will be able to sit back and actually say..."Ive got the world"  Of course it doesnt mean that you are gonna be rich or famous...but it does say..that you will be very happy, contented, and surrounded by the things that make it so.  This is usually a yes or a positve answer to any I will say by getting this card..that within the next few will hear from Brian again..if that is one thing that would make your life complete.  

I also see by the that you may be doing some rebudgeting or juggling around of your money.,..again..I do not see this a negative thing..or lack of money..I think there is something coming that you want to do or have or make happen..that you need to rebudget in order to achieve it.

Now..its showing someone (either you or someone else..perhaps Brian if it fits him) in your life..this person is represented by the Knight of Swords.
This person is usually described as someone under thirty..but if they are over..they are young at heart or fun loving.  This person is usually ambitious..but strong willed strong minded.  Sometimes..they can jump into things without thinking first..but thats just the ambition in them.  If this does not fit you..its either someone you know ( and the first thought that comes to mind in reading the description is the right one.)  If no one comes to mind..then its someone you havent met yet.
As far as Brian is telling me to tell you by the two of swords
That you need to be patient..its a short wait..but..its no longer than a few months at the will hear from him or about him. So be patient..the wait is almost over.
And I would like to add as a final card the Magician.
The bottom that you are the have always been and will always be.  Anything you want to have want to do..or want to make have the in control..its up to you.  Once you set your mind to something you get it.  When you make a goal you achieve it.  So dont are in control..and your powers will always help you achieve ANYTHING you want in your life.

Now lets go to the next reading..Im gonna ask what is up with brian..we are gonna take a look into his if he were asking for the reading.  If nothing else..perhaps it will shed some light onto why he has been out of touch.

Ok here goes I hope this sheds some light.

Right now I see him in a situation where he is moving just as you are he is getting the So he is in some kind of movement right now..either mentally moving on or perhaps even a physical move of somekind.  But its definitly a move up from where he was..and he too is moving past the past..just as you are gonna do.
Something that is helping or hindering him right now    He he is in the middle of learning something new..perhaps school or on the job that is gonna help him make more money...which would be the help ( which could also explain his absence.lf he is really busy or bogged down with learning and work)...the hinderance of course.would be if his skills are not good enough and its hindering him from making for more money.

Something from the past..which could have been yesterday or years the 7 of cups The cups represent his wishes, dreams or is showing in the past a fullfillment of one more of his hopes or dreams coming true for him.

Something passing through right himself or someone in his life who is like the Emperor. The emperor is someone who is fair understanding and openminded..but they like to be in charge..the king of the castle so to speak...(does this fit Brian himself..if not its someone who has an influence in his life at the present.)
The near future for him..within the next 3 months..shows..10 of swords and 3 of wands  Now there may be someone he needs to not trust..who could stab him in the back...but I think he already knows who this could be..and he will avoid it..cos it still shows him getting somekind of promotion..or move up as far as his carreer is concerned.  That is why his help is the learning new skills..hes workinglearning something help him achive this new position in his career.
Right now..he sees himself moving the 5 of swords As he sees him self winning the battle and now hes picking up his swords and moving on..hes separated himself from the things he sees as no longer useful or helpful to him.
Others see him right now as the High Priestess..  They see him following his heart..letting his intuition guide him.
Hes just hoping for 9 of pentacles Hes just hopeing to be materially and finacially secure.  So more than likely right now..hes really working hard..and mostly concentrating on getting into a more secure financial situation.
His final outcome or the next 6 months look like this
He is either continuing to be the Hermit like in your reading..the loner..the recluse..or if it depicted you in your reading..then I would are gonna be in his thoughts or perhaps in his future in the next 6 months.
The three of swords is showing some disappointment or hearache..but Im thinking in his case..its from impatience...not from actual heardbreaking situation.  More like his impatient is gonna cos some disappointment for him..when if he could just be will come.
The queen of pentacles..shows him being more secure financially..which seems to be what he is working for right now. Perhaps this too is why he is disappointed..his impatience in waiting for the security to come
. Is showing some kind of major break through..something of greath importance..something good its like a big break coming for him.
This is probably what is also gonna lead him into a new beginning and fresh start as well..cos he too now is getting the death card. Which shows him going through some kind of change and transition for the better as well.  Everything we have seen so far in his leading to this new beginning..this rebirth.

Then..the last card shows the Queen of Swords..  This is himself or someone in his life..who is Strong will strong minded..perhaps a little stubbord or hard headed...hehe..Gina could this be you?..or does it fit him.  

Im really feeling that both of you right now..have been going through a lot of changes..this has caused you to drift apart for a while...but if you put both readings side by side. it appears to me..that as you achive the goals you both seem to working on...then your paths will cross again..within the next 6 months if not sooner.  So you just need to be patient...I just both have got a lot of other things going on..and time is going by so quickly..that you havent had keep in touch.
It seems you are both on very parallel paths..even though you are apart.  And I will add..since Im not sure..what extent your relationship really was...if you are true friends...have no fear..true..friends will always find away to keep in touch.

I hope this makes sense to you..and if there is anything else I can help you with.please let me know..I hope you enjoyed your reading..and dont forget my feedback.  
please visit my website and always know Im just a click away at My Expert. Please bookmark my profile there for future readings.