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Join us on a spiritual journey into:
The Realms of Love & Light
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Please bear with me as I am still updating and reconstructing this site.  Some links on
the left may not work, but visit often as I am updating daily.
The Realms of Love & Light has been online now for almost 3 years.  I have strived to share, give and teach the love and light of Spirit through truth, faith and trust.  I welcome you now and hope you will enjoy your visit with us.  I wish for you peace, love and abundance in all things and hope that your visit with us will be an enlightening experience.
For ease of navigation..Ive created the menu to left to help you around the site.

Love & Light Overflowing your way
Mellonie Irwin Taylor
Founder/Creator of The Realms of Love & Light.

Just a thought to share!


Scroll down to see the wonderful groups I am a member of. Click on the graphics to find out how you to can become members of these great online families.

Ladies of the Heart - Member since April 2001

Random Acts of Kindness - Member since March 2001

The Circle of Spiritual Women since Feb.2002

To see the awards Ive won - make sure to check out the awards link.

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