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Just a brief history on these channelings before you start. When I began on my spiritual journey to enlightenment...I asked my guides to help me to channel their guidance, to help me learn and grow.  I searched several different ways to aid in discernment of what was coming from my guides and what was my own human thoughts.  The following lessons were given me on a daily basis from my masterguides through autowriting.  The following transcripts may seem a bit elementary to some of you old timers..but for me in the beginning..and hopefully for other newcomers to spirituality..these lessons will prove helpful and enlightening.

When time permits..I am going to go through these and fill in parts that may be in background information on the Guides and knowledge I have gained since these were written.  I will be adding this information as footnotes to each lesson.
I share these wonderful conversations I recieved with my guides with you now.
Love & Light overflowing your way,
Mellonie I. Taylor, OM-Spiritual Advisor

Sat. 2/27/99 11:05am
I called on my spiritguides and asked them to tell me who was present.
Answer: Omni, Michael and William Wallace ((I must add..he wishes me to state his last name as well which is another channeling in itself))   (If you are is BraveHeart)
Question: Do you have a message for me?
Answer: "Yes, Jesus is you, You are Jesus...We are gonna teach you this....Do you want to learn?" ((I said yes)) "Good we teach....First lesson is Merkabar."
"Many not understand Merkabar. Meckabar assists, is orb of energy. Segment of soul loose to guide you to assension. You feel lose of energy cos all energy is going to Merkabar."
((now it took almost an hour for me to write that..and I was tired..below was some spirit humor))
"Lee Carroll a good example...hes a jester...Kryon is jester.(For those of you not familiar Lee Carroll is the author of the Kryon Series of Books)..please dont take that wrong..We mean that they are funny."
"Omni did that cos he thinks you need break go rest then we finish Merkabar."
((I said " It would be easier if i could just hear you in my mind?))
They said " You will, but not yet"
So I went and took a nap..returning at 2pm
I asked them if they were of the Great White Brotherhood and they said "yes...we are THE GANG OF THREE ha ha"
Then started lesson again:
"Energy low on outside cos being brought inward to fill opening in soul. After filling opening ..time will be more in NOW."
"Assension possible when Merkebar is filled.....Post it all"...((and then written very small)) "even Omni's joke."
((they signed it)) "IAMTHIAM" ((they ran out of room on paper is why Im assuming the abrievated THAT)) then drew me a pretty little picture ((I have not artistic abilities in drawing)) and signed it:
done at 3:20pm
Btw..I think they used Jesus..was meant to explain that we all have the christ consiousness ....they have also told me my spirit name is Mary....It was really fun channeling them..they are funny...hehehe the spiritual 3 stooges maybe? hehee...Sorry..just kidding GANG...I love you
Much Love and Light
PS. I had heard of Merkabar..but did not know meaning or what it really was before this channeling.

Posted to The Kryon Message Board on March 01, 1999 at 14:27:53:
I had been in the Chat room on the Kryon site..after leaving this is what happened:

I took out my pencil and paper to see if my guides had anything to say.
Well it turned into a very frightening experience for me...It seems up until then..I had never really felt pencil just moved kind of slow..almost boringly across the page....Well suddenly it started moving fast, drawing all over the page...I felt a great pressure on my hand and in my scared the living crap out of me actually. OF course my first thought was maybe I had reached a lower enitity or something so I started asking who it was...with no answer...finally...after asking 3 times...I got the name William written out.
I was very scared and this..and confussed..not knowing if he was doing a take over..or what...although I thought the guides wouldnt do that..cos of our freewill...this feeling was really I hopped back on chat board...and Lightstar and Milky helped to talk me back to calmness.
Finally I went to bed and went to sleep.
When I woke up the next morning....I still had fear..but not wanting to get thrown from that preverbial horse..I got back on...and picked up my pencil again..mainly to overcome the fear((it will kill me to be afraid of contact with my guides))..So the following is what I got.
Who is with me now?
((because the Prm (The Paladean Group I often channeled) have often called me Just and faithful..this is how the channeled started))

Just and you know what that means....It means that they love you dearly and trust are with us now.
You have ascended..that is what last night was. You ascended...I know its hard for you to accept...but you have.
((I asked...then why do I feel so bad))
Because you fight death that normally goes with ascension. It will pass and you will BE GONE..and new Mellonie COME.
((I asked..will I die))
NO you will be will be happy.
((then I took a calm..cos I understood what had happened...took a nap ((at their request hehehe...they always know when I need rest..then went back for Lesson 2))

Lesson 2...ASCENSION
Ascension only spiritual..not physical you will not leave planet.. You will be wiser, more loving, more tolerant, more compassionate, more loving, more open.
Ascension is not death.
Ascension is eternal.
((they usually end with a drawing by William..this one another butterfly))
After that I was totally calm..not scared anymore...and feeling very good about there messages.
How could I not...IVE ASCENDED :)
Love and Light

Posted by Mellonie on March 01, 1999 at 21:21:39: as posted on Kryon Message Board

If you havent figured it out by now, Ive been in lesson all week with my postins from the PRM.hehe. course until today I didn't know that. The lesson Ive learned of course is discernment.
Over the last week Ive been recieving messages from PRM saying they would show themselves at certain days and times. Well everything they have been saying is true....but the lesson involved the times. I should have used discernment when posting those.
You see I felt good about the messages, the places, the fact they were really here, but when I think back about the times...I always felt doubt. I know now I could have made those posts without the times and they would have still meant so much...without causing doubt. But I also know now...Ive learned discernment ...what to take and what to leave.
So today I asked PRM for a A message and this is what came forward.
((by the way it started out with some fun and humor))
Q: who is with me?
Q: Do you have a message for me?
A: yes..PRM is here
We come to show Pleiadians website.
CHECK it out now.
(( I go look and sure enough..there is a But its some kind of site. LOL so I kind of look at it for a minute and go back to pencil??))
I say: Its not Pleiadian..its an insurance company
They said: Yes I know...but it is PRM HA HA!!!
I sat and laugheed outloud..then Zorg went on:
I am going to be serious goes.
We are here to stay. We are with you. You are blessed. Please be patient. We will not give you specifics, cause it only causes doubt on your credibility. Now that you have learned discernment, PRM is very proud of you all for keeping the faith. We really are among the people of earth. You will see us. We are here.
Zorg out
So thank you all for going through this lesson with me.
Much Love and Light

Lesson 3...Discernment

PRM is teaching you that lesson well.
We are at a turning point...I AM THAT I AM very important. It is a fact if you do not believe then you cannot ascend. I am that I am must be of use to you. It should be....afterall you are God!!!
If you use it everyday you will be God.
Then you will have no reason to doubt..anything.
You will be in NOW..and will know!!!
You use I am that I am like this:
Stand in front of mirror
Say I am that I am 3 times
Every morning and night...nothing will be immpossible.....nothing.
Remember that
And you will be
THE GANG of Three
((this was a lesson from Michael))

Posted by Mellonie on March 02, 1999 at 15:14:57: as posted to the Kryon Message Board

Hello all!
Its time for my daily lesson from my spirit guides. I got to realizing that most of you here..already know these lessons...cos I know what my guides are teaching me...go right along with Kryons teachings....although..I havent got to most of this in my reading yet. So for most..just call this a refresher course hehehe...and for you newbies like me...I hope it helps.
Here goes...with the usual humor in beginning :)

Q:..Who is here?
A: William Omni Michael..and PRMellonie too. ha ha
Watch the tv show about will see us. ((Pleiadan humor hehe))
William here..."But you must go to mirror and do Iam exercise NOW"
((so I did..came back..and continued))
OK good....((he drew two hearts and said)) FOR YOU ARE GOD!

Now for lesson 4 INTENT

((then William drew and apple..and wrote "Apple of my eye!" then drew an eye...and believe it or not..he then wrote roflmao..and signed William)) to love him

Lesson 4 INTENT

Omni here ready? goes.
Intent can make all things possible.
Intent will make all things possible.
Intent always works if you really believe
Intent is like magic
"Ask you shall recieve" Jesus said that, Paul taught that, We believe that. We teach you to believe. Then you will have abundance. You will have everything you ever dreamed of...EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
We will help you to understand best way give intent.
Intent is about asking correctly and expecting results not hoping...EXPECTING.
Intent is very powerful will see.
Now..teach proper way to give Intent
1. State need clearly.
2. Ask for spirit to ease mind
3. Make visualization of finished scenario (best possible result).
4. Believe with heart and mind that will happen.
And it will happen..It will...We promise you that
THE GANG of Three
((then added PRM humor..they have been in on all my spirit channeling of last couple days..even breaking in middle of talk with spirits at time))
PRM and Nigel and Zorg here
We are going to egypt hehe
You be watching..for us! Ha Ha!!..yes post it..use discernment.
((hehee so I asked..are you really going to egypt))
No good joke!!
((I joke with me a lot))
"Yes we do but never doubt we love you...we stay in Iowa for a while..But it would be a great place to go..could really be on tv Ha! HA! Ha!
PRMellonie out
((hehehe then they added)) Good job..Intent good lesson to learn..We go now

Guys I cant tell you how much fun I have been having with my channelings..I wonder if others get it like this..They are like part of my family now :)
Love and Light

Posted by Mellonie on March 04, 1999 at 00:11:56: as posted on The Kryon Message Board

Hello everyone,
Below of course is my daily lesson from spirit guides.

Omni here
Willaim, Michael on sideline
We are here today to teach you co-creation...goes along with Intent

Lesson 5 Co-Creation

First do I AM THAT I AM exercise and come back ((hehhee which I did)) you are ready
Co-Creation is very important... is what you want..has already been done. You just have to realize that. Jesus said "All things are possible if you believe." That is faith...Thats co-creation. But if you give Intent but dont have will not happen. It will not materialize, because by not are telling it that you really dont want it to happen.
It is very important you leave all doubt..when co-creating. Now if you truly believe. You will have abundance galore. Just by believing its so.
Just picture what you want or need, then believe it. It will happen just Believe....Believe....Believe.
Omni out
Michael here now William too
PRM here with Zorg
We just want to add..WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

hehehehhee...And we love you too Gang!! :)
Love and Light

Posted by Mellonie on March 04, 1999 at 15:04:28:  As posted to the Kryon Message Board

Namaste to you all,
Yes its time again for my daily lesson from spirit guides. But this one is a little special, which you will see at the end.
It started out as though talking to me..but then ended up talking to the KMB. Its a little more on the serious side than the others...but very important.
((from here on out is spirit talking))
Lesson 6 - Cooperation
You are at a crossroad.
You need to learn to integrate..your new spirituality with the 3rd dimensional world. You feel like you are living in a different place, then everyone else and its almost as though you are in a bubble, looking out at the rest of the world, totally separate. Well you are!..The world you now ar in is 5th dimensional. You talk to spirits as though they are right in the same room with you ((which we are hehe)). You feel closer to us than anyone else, because you remember us..and you remember what it is like being wrapped in our love.
So now those outside seem like only people, strangers, you seem to have lost connection with them somehow. This is because, if they are not enlightened, you have nothing in common with them. You are not in their world, like you once were. Their petty arguments and problems of the 3rd dimension, has no hold on you. You have passed that all behind. That way of life is gone forever. You now have moved forward into the new world. A world of peace, love and understanding. There is no more confusion, no more hopelessness. Now all things are possible for you. And you know it.
You have assended, you have arrived at last. You are a glorious human being of pure light. Nothing will ever take that aaway from you. But now you must learn how to incorporate it with the 3rd dimensional world you have to exist in. You still have to eat, pay rent etc. So here is where cooperation comes in. Here you have to co-exist with the world you grew up in.
The world around you is asssending as well, but it will be a little while longer before it catches up with you. Until then you need to learn to co-exist.
Heres what you do.
Do the I AM THAT I AM exercise..twice a day as told in earlier lesson, everyday.
Now how to co-exist in 3rd dimensional world is simple. Live every moment to the best of your ability. Do everything you can to help others come to the light. But never push your beliefs on them as other religions do. Let them see the light in you, then they will wonder what is different about you and want it too. Then you teach them. Slowly explain to them what you have learned..and let them follow their own path to the light. It will guide them just as it guided you.
You have come along way in short time. So will they follow your example and become creatures of the light.
You are a good example, all of you on the KMB are good examples. Now let your light shine and show the 3rd dimension what the 5th dimension can do. Each one of you holds so much power inside you. Nothing is impossible....nothing is impossible.
Co-Create the world as you want it to be..and it will be. The ones of you who feel depressed and despair..QUIT telling yourselves that. Dont you realize that is what you are co-creating. Tell yourselves that you are beings of the highest light. That you are GOD! I AM THAT I AM.
Then see what happens. You will grow in the light and become that golden angel in the golden chair. Yes you will. I know for I have seen you there! I have met you there! I know your name! I Am KRYON!
You are dearly loved, I come to wash your feet.
Love and Light..I cant even try to add anything to that

Hello All,

Its time for the daily lesson.
First off..I would like to mention..that Omni has left me...he was only here..while I was in lesson. Of course he tells me that he will come if I call...but I knew from the start that he was not a permanent guide. When I first started trying to channel..I called on Omni to teach me. He now hes gone. And as he told me.....
And this is not good-bye...but until we meet again. Omni

Here is todays I received it:

Good morning Dearest Mellonie,
William here Michael here Kryon here PRM here too..with Zorg  PRM here

Message from Zorg

Here is a new lesson from us !

Lesson 7 - Healing from Pleiades

We can aid in self- healing. All you have to do is believe. Yes this is a repeat of Kryons teaching. But it is important you understand how to do it. You are able to heal yourself. All it takes is INTENT and Co-Creation. You ask to be healed then think you are healed. Picture yourself running up a hill or swimming in a lake. Picture a younger healthier you.

Co-Create the image of you in your mind of what being well is......and it will happen.
Believe it with all your heart. Trust your guides to accomplish the healing that will allow you to out and run a marathon hehehehe. This doesnt mean you have to actually run one...just gives them the blueprint to go by to heal you properly. It is not so hard. You just have to believe.


If we say that three times just like Kryon it means important!! ha!ha!

We love you

Well I guess..they are trying to tell us to I am. How about you?
Namaste Mellonie

Well here I am again...with another lesson. And yes its probably been said before...but these are lessons for me and others who may need them so use your own discernment.

Lesson 8 - LOVE

Love is peace. Love is understanding, love is for all to have. Love is important magic word which makes all things possible. All things being joy and happiness.

"All the love in the world" is a phrase that says so much. "You are loved" is an affirmation to ones soul. It tells the inner soul that it is loved. It is food that makes you grow in the light of Spirit. Then when you are ripe and ready you bloom into a Beautiful angel with glowing aura and wings outspread. You envelope others around you and take them into flight onto the path of light. Thru the tunnel we know as life and into the heavenly world of the 5th dimension.

Please do not hid your light. Please do not let doubts and fears stand in the way of assension. We need your energy to make the planet assend and without love for all who reside here and in this haven known as the Realms of Love & Light , it would not be possible to raise the energy.

Youa re all dearly loved. You are all blessed. You are all!



William here
Yes the lesson is love and there is much love for all of you here. We wish we could always teach love, send love and be pure love for you. But some reject it, some fear it, some even run away from it. Because they dont know how to accept it. Just let yourself absorb it. No matter what form it comes in and life in the 3rd dimension will move quicker into the 5th dimension for everyone.


Kryon here

Yes Ill add my message for the day here.
Love is very important to our growth it is like water to the plants. It is like milk to a baby. Without love we can not grow..we cannot bloom..we cannot emerge from the cocoon into the butterfly. We must have love and along with that..goes understanding, tolerance and kindness. You hold the keys to the 5th your hands. dont drop them in the lake. Open that door and walk into that room of abundance and peace. Walk in and make yourself at home for it belongs to you. It belongs to all of you.


Lesson - 9 - Faith

Posted by Mellonie on March 08, 1999 at 13:32:47:


Hello all,  it is good to be here and yes this really is KRYON. We have come together collectivily to bring a new and old message one of faith, one of love and understanding. You all are dearly loved. You all are God. Do you really believe that, do you really know that. Well its true and once you erase all doubt and believe it so..the sooner you will know and see the truth of what we have been trying to teach you.

You are ALL GOD. You are a special group of people not many of the people on earth are as enlightened or as spiritual as the people right here reading this now. You are the Brotherhood of the Assended Masters incarnate. Did you not know that? You are Michael, Omni, Kryon and all the others who have assended. You all have a peice of us inside your soul.  You all have piece of Spirit inside your merkabah. You will be awakened to this fact more and more as we come closer to the plantary assension.

Yes we are getting away from the main lesson here, which is faith. But it does play a major part in the whole plan. You must have faith, you must be strong in your faith as well. Without faith, without believing. without strength against doubt, you will not be able to continue. You let doubt influence your beliefs, you fall back a step. Strength in faith always keeps you going forward. Doubt has no place in the New Age. Dont Doubt. This is a messge we will repeat over and over to you. DONT DOUBT!

We are the Kryon, we come to wash your feet. We love you dearly.


Lesson 10 - Abundance posted by Mellonie on March 09, 1999 at 15:47:49: :

Hello Dear Ones, :

This is Kryon of Magnetic Services. We come to you this day in humble adoration, for you are loved and held in high esteem. We wish to tell you that the time is so near, yes almost at the door. Knock and you may enter, ask and you shall receive. We want you to be happy and abundant here in this life on earth. There is so much that is needed to accomplish this. But if you give the Intent and have the faith it will be fulfilled. You will reap great rewards. :

We want to know what we can do to help you, but without a clear intent statement, it is hard for us to take the actions nessesary. So once more we teach the lesson of Intent and abundance. You can have your hearts desire if only you give the Intent of what you want and leave the details to us. We love you dearly, there is no need for any of you to suffer from lack spiritually, physically or monetarily. We want you to be abundant, so open that door. :

Most of you are already sitting in the golden chair. So now get up and proceed to the room of abundance and riches. You have earned it, you deserve it, and it is yours for the taking. Never fear that your hearts desires are just a statement of Intent away. :

Kryon : ((hehhee footnote)) : Call that Lesson 10- Abundance, Mellonie, and dont forget to practice what we preach, my dear one. :

Kryon hehehe

A break in the lessons.

A channeled Message from Kryon through Mellonie Irwin Taylor 3-21-99

Hello Dear Ones,

This is Kryon of Magnetic Services and I am here along with other entities to bring you love and light. You are honored and loved beyond measure by these entities. They include your master guides, angel guardians and those others that have known you in this life but have already passed on into the 5th dimension. Most of you here have already assended to the 5th with one foot on each side of the veil. You share with us the knowledge and rememberance of past lives and the love we send you, you return to us. You are again at a place where it is time to speak of what will happen soon. Things are moving so fast now. So fast my dear ones. But this is a good thing. It brings more enlightenment, more energies, more knowledge more awakenings. You are so close to the edge. Not the edge where you leap off in blind faith. But the edge where all things move into the realm of awareness. This time you take the leap, you will know full well what is waiting for you. Because you have given the INTENT and know that with INTENT, there is no doubts. The co-creative process will manifest what you gave intent for and as you leap you will land easily right into the sweet spot you asked for.

Oh yes dear ones, this is such a wonderful time. You asked to be here, you are here and now you want to know where you should go from here. What is your job, what work should you do. How do you help others. Do you teach? Do you heal? Do you write? Do you channel? How do you spread the word? How do you let your light shine? This should be the easy part dear ones. This should come so natural to you. Just follow you heart, do what your golden angel, your higherself tells you to do. Speak to that angel, ask your guides, let you inner angel guide you. Some of you are already doing what you know now as your calling. For those of you that are just beginning, go on. It has only just begun. The light of those reading this shines so brightly that even the entities on other planets can see you glowing. You are like a lighthouse lighting the way through the fog. Your light never dims and glows steady and true, guiding others to the safe shores of love and understanding.

Oh such a wonderful thing to see a new being awaken to the light. To watch them grow spiritually right before your eyes. To see what seems like just a spark suddenly ignite into a blazing fire of truth, love and understanding of the way things really work. To awaken, to grow, to be in lesson on this planet at this time is such a glorious event. Such a wonderful time for you all.

Please do not fear for yourself or your families. You are at such a wonderful place in your linear time. You are truly blessed by the spirit. You are all filled with love. So full of what is most required of a Warrior of the Light. The warriors main weapon is love and you now have an unlimited supply of that ammunition. Knowing your spirit guides, being able to talk to them, to finally be able to have a personal relationship with them and the other loving beings that surround you. You are so filled with love that all you can do is share it, spread it around and teach others what you have learned. It is a truly wonderful time.

Not since the times of Jesus, has their been such and outpouring of the spirit on this planet.

Kryon could go on and on about this subject. But lets move on. There is much for all of us to do in the next few years. Between now and the beginning of the year, the beginning of the new millienum, there will be so many opportunities. Although you are finding it easier now to communicate with this side of the veil, you are still in lesson. Still learning. Everyday brings a new lesson. There is so much to do. I will not tell you it will be easy. But I will tell you that it is going to be a time filled with miracles, both personally and universal. Give your INTENT dear ones to be a part of this. The energy is so great. Give INTENT to be able to receive the energys. Give INTENT to be able to send energy through to the different vortexs that are opeing. There are many. Now that the christ energy once more is on the earth. Things will start to move even faster. Ah...I can't tell you enough, how important your INTENT is now. How important that you clearly give this intent. I will tell you the best way to give INTENT to be apart of the new energy. The new world order.
Ask your spirit guides to see to it that you are well protected. To prepare your body with the healing and to fill your soul with only the purest white light. Then give INTENT in this way:

I give INTENT to be prepared and ready to receive the new energy.
I give INTENT to be filled with the love of the spirit.
I give INTENT to be a light that shines brightly for others of the light and to guide those still in the darkness into the light.
I give INTENT to be the best person I can be, for I AM THAT I AM.

So Dear ones, that is my message to you for now. You of course are dearly loved and along with all the loving entities that surround you as you read this...know that we have come to wash your feet and we love you all so much. So it is...


A message
Have you had your hug today?

Posted by Mellonie on March 26, 1999 at 14:42:12:

I asked my guides for a message of love for the board today..and this is what I got.

Dearest Ones,

We come today to give you a spiritual hug. You are using so much of your energies to hold vortexs,stop wars and heal the sick, we think you need just a little break to breath and replenish yourselves.
So for the next few minutes as you read this, ease your minds, let your body relax and think of nothing but the love of those spirits that surround you personally. If you know their names call out to them, if not..just call them spirits. Wrap your arms about yourself and give you physical body a hug. By now a smile should be on your face. For as you hug yourself you will also be feeling your guides hugging you as well.
Open yourself totally to their loveing thoughts. At this time you should be feeling an overwhelming sense of well being, of love as your guides speak to your soul and replenish the energies you have been sending out to others. Can you feel their love? Can you fell yourself being uplifted.
Then when you are ready, thank these loving spirits for being there and thank them for reminding you of their lovve with this spiritual hug.

Now as you go back to spreading your light to others, dont forget every now and then to stop and get that much needed hug for yourself.


Willaim, Michael & Anthony
The Gang of Three ((Spirit guides of Mellonie as channeled by her 3/26/99))

Lesson 11
Awakening Your Higherself

As channeled by Mellonie Irwin - 3/31/99

Hello Dear Ones,
We come to you as a group to speak of awakening your higher self. We are The Kryon, The Group of One, The Gang of Three, Metatron, and even PRM. We are all here all speaking to you now for this is a very important lesson. The awakening of the angel within you, Your higher self is so very important to each and everyone of us. Your higher self, the piece of spirit that reigns within your soul is the spark that ignites the light you shine. No matter how many entities you can channel, they mean nothing compared to the spirit inside you.

There is so much knowledge, so many lesson already learned inside of you, that you could not even fathom. Yes we all can guide you, teach you and love you. But your higher self already holds all the knowledge you ask us to teach. Your higher self has more love than anyone in human duality could imagine. So the trick is how to tap in to it. How do you reach your higher self. How do you communicate with your golden angel within. Its probably the most easy lesson to learn, but for some the hardest to achieve.

FEAR....first thing release all fear. That is an obstacle, the greatest of you could come face to face with an Assended Master and not falter...but to face yourself you tremble in fear. Release the fear. Then while asking to be filled with the highest light and the highest for your higherself to come forth and speak to you. Whether you do this through meditation or just by INTENT it doesnt matter. But the higher self will come forth when called. You use the I AM THAT I AM exercse....what do you think you are doing. You are saying...I Am admit tis time to let the god in you speak.

Spirit now blesses all those reading this with the power to bring forth you higher self.

So it is it is done.

Just a note from Mellonie:
After I channeled this...I did what they said..and this is what came from my higher self.

The God within
The Power within
The Warrior of light
An Angel of love
A source of right
A message of affirmation from the golden angel that resides in the one called Mellonie.

That is all for the earlier lessons.  You can tell as you read..they do get more indepth..and more mature.  That is why I think of these lessons for beginners.  Ive come a long way in the last 3 years.  And once I finish the clearing and preparation I am going through right now.  I know that there will much more coming through to share with you all.  So please feel free to email me..or check back often to the main channeling menu for new additions.

Love & Light overflowing your way
Mellonie Irwin Taylor

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